Macklemoyle / Peace River Breakdown, composed by Ernest Couvrette / Louis St. Laurent’s, composed by Graham Townsend. Twin fiddle duet by Frank Ferrel & Graham Townsend.

Gaudette Polka, composed by Leander Gaudette, and learned from the playing of Tommy Doucet. Frank Ferrel fiddle with Gilles Losier piano.

The Forth Brig / Golden Eagle Hornpipe / Free And Easy, composed by Waldo Munro. Frank Ferrel, fiddle with Gilles Losier, piano.

 Danse de la Victoria / Cultivator’s Reel / Gatineau Reel. Frank Ferrel, fiddle with Gilles Lossier, piano.

Beautiful Lake Ainslie, composed by Elmer Briand / The Tarves Tripper strathspey, and, Alex Sandy Skinner reel, both composed by J. Murdoch Henderson, Fire Away by Scott Skinner. Frank Ferrel, fiddle with Janine Randall, piano, and J. P. Cormier, guitar.

Niagara Hornpipe / Tom Marsh. Another “Big” medley immortalized by Tommy Doucet on an April, 1942 homemade record. The first is from the Cole’s / Ryan’s Collections, the second composed by Vincent MacGillivary, which first appears in the Gordon MacQuarrie Cape Breton Collection of Scottish Melodies, published by J. Beaton in 1940.  Frank Ferrel, Fiddle with Kimberley Holmes, Piano.

Poppy Leaf / Beautiful Swanee River. Two hornpipes from the M.M. Cole’s collection made popular by Cape Breton fiddler, Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald, who recorded the medley on an early Canadian Celtic LP. Beautiful Swanee River is attributed to Harry Carleton in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection (1883); Carleton is thought to have been a journeyman composer in the Boston area, who contributed several tunes to the original Ryan’s Mammoth Collection. Frank Ferrel, Fiddle with Kimberley Holmes, Piano.

Saint Lawrence River, composed by Sidney Plamondon. Frank Ferrel fiddle with Peter Barnes, piano and John McGann, mandolin.

Lady Bartlett’s Whim / Old Opera Reel. Frank Ferrel, fiddle with J.P. Cormier guitar.



Crossing the Border – An original march

Penicuick Set– A favorite Scottish hornpipe composed by R. Baillie and an Angus Chisolm favorite.

Loch Fyne Fisherman – From the playing of Theresa MacLellan

Nova Scotia Polkas – Old favorites from the Canadian Maritimes

Tom Doucet’s Iroquois Reel – A Doucet adaptation of an Arthur Pigeon recording

Airline 2-Step – Route 9, Bangor, Maine to New Brunswick – AKA “The Airline”

Harold’s Polka – Composed by Maine fiddler Harold Carter

Jig Set – Two original 6/8 tunes

PEI Set – An Ivan Hicks original and one of my own

Foxtrots – Too Much Mustard & Tain’t So