Moxie CD


“moxie” moxie / ‘mak – se / n (fr. Moxie, a trademark for a New England soft drink) (1930) 1: ENERGY, PEP 2: COURAGE, DETERMINATION 3:KNOW-HOW, EXPERTISE.  A collection of original Ferrel compositions including jigs, reels, waltzes and other tunes recorded with pianist Peter Barnes, guitarist John McGann, and accordion legend Joe Derrane. 

  1. Dancing on Deck, The Fiddler’s Chair 

  2. Fuzzy Dice, The Raised Skirt 
  3. The Little Fiddler, St. Nicholas Eve, Howling Willie 
  4. The Taxi Driver, Johnny’s Parties, Dudley Street 
  5. Hardys of Alnwich, Three Legged Dog, Loch Stennes
  6. The Otter’s Waltz, Valse Elise 
  7. Moxie, Terrence O’Laughlin, Yankee Dancers 
  8. March to the Martimes, Flying Home, The Rose Croix 
  9. Music in the House, The River Master 
  10. Floating on the Tide, Old Cobblestone, The Trampoline 
  11. Visitation, Merry Pubs of Boston, Meeting Joe Derrane 
  12. Broken Butterfly, Friday the 13th, Lopez Island 
  13. Apologetic Hornpipe, Boudreau’s, Maple Syrup 
  14. Snow on the Pickets, Spin-N-Glo, The New Stove 
  15. Gacie’s Birthday March, Mary Muise 
  16. Celtic Shores, Kitchen Ceilidhs, The Barbour Cap 
  17. Contra Bourée