Some Favorite Tunes

Crossing the Border – An original march

 Penicuick Set– A favorite Scottish hornpipe composed by R. Baillie and an Angus Chisolm favorite.

Loch Fyne Fisherman  – From the playing of Theresa MacLellan

Maine Kitchen Party

Maine Kitchen Party ca. 1900

Nova Scotia Polkas  – Old favorites from the Canadian Maritimes

Tom Doucet’s Iroquois Reel  – A Doucet adaptation of an Arthur Pigeon recording

Airline 2-Step  – Route 9, Bangor, Maine to New Brunswick – AKA “The Airline”

Harold’s Polka  – Composed by Maine fiddler Harold Carter

Jig Set  – Two original 6/8 tunes

PEI Set  – An Ivan Hicks original and one of my own

Foxtrots  – Too Much Mustard & Tain’t So


Trip to Bugland

Lady Bartlett’s Whim played by Frank ferrel & J.P. Cormier

Lady Bartlett’s Whim

Doucet’s Original Jig played by Tommy Doucet ca. 1950

Doucet’s Original Jig

Lucky Scap played by Jimmy Shand & his band

Lucky Scap

St Lawrence River

Acadian Reel as played by Edward P. Arsenault

Acadian reel in A

Acadian Reel in D & A played by Anastasia DesRoches

Acadian reel in D

Bees’s Wing Hornpipe played by Frank Ferrel & Graham Townsend

Beeswing Hornpipe 

Ladyslipper Reel

Woodchoppers Reel

Spud Island Breakdown


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