I’m A Yankee Doodle Dandy

“We owe a great debt to Frank Ferrel for shining a spotlight on this period of music-making, which otherwise would have been forgotten. This is a fascinating and inspiring publication, with much varied and vibrant music.”
– Folk Music Journal, English Folk Dance and Song Society

“This book comes alive when you hear many of these tunes actually being played by these fiddlers on two CD’s that accompany the book. A must have book for any fiddling enthusiast!!”
– Ivan Hicks, Fiddler New Brunswick, Canada

“This stuff is eye-opening. So great to have recordings of New England French fiddlers from this era. I’m listening to Oliver Tremblay as I type–man, he was good!”
– Paul Wells. Director Emeritus, Center for Popular Music

“What a loving tribute to French American Fiddling and fiddlers in the region. Can’t wait to delve onto it, fiddle in hand.”
– Maggie Holtzberg, Folklorist, Massachusetts Cultural Council

“Exquisitely designed and produced – a book designed by a musician for musicians.”
– Fiddler Magazine

Snappy Tunes

Frank is a top-flight fiddler who knows and understands this kind of music and how to play it properly. Highly recommended.

-Disc Collector

“He not only has the technique to pull off virtuosic bowing and demanding position playing, but his delight in the swing and joy of the music shines through like a beam from a New England lighthouse.”
– Kevin Carr, Fiddler Magazine

The Ferrel Collection

“So deeply rooted is Frank in the tradition of Yankee fiddling, that these tunes have all the fire and polish of old chestnuts. If there be contra dance fiddlers a hundred years hence, they’ll very likely be playing Frank Ferrel tunes. If you are a fan of the fiddle, don’t pass up this gem!”

– Elderly Instruments

Classic Down East Fiddle

His arrangements are respectful of his sources, while asserting his own readings of the tunes. My favorite is the medley of the old-time square dance standard “Redwing” paired up with the Irish “Walker Street.” His “Highland Medley” is a tour de force, combining Scots and Cape Breton tunes.

– Sing Out Magazine