I’m A Yankee Doodle Dandy

An extensive collection of personal interviews, oral histories, home recordings, collected books and hand-written manuscripts reflecting the rich French-American fiddle tradition that flourished around New England urban and metro areas in the mid-20th century. The principal players in this collection include Tommy Doucet, Emil Melanson, Oliver Tremblay, Alcide Aucoin, Romeo Lemay and Gerry Robichaud, all of whom played together, shared tunes and accompanied one another.

Includes 2-CD set of original home-recordings from the 1940’s and ’50’s

$24.95 + $4 S&H to all U.S. states. Available to ship Early November


Sample of included recordings below

Emile Melanson, ca.1941

Tommy Doucet, 1942

“This book comes alive when you hear many of these tunes actually being played by these fiddlers on two CD’s that accompany the book. A must have book for any fiddling enthusiast!!”

                                                                                                                                              Ivan Hicks, Fiddler New Brunswick, Canada

“This stuff is eye-opening. So great to have recordings of New England French fiddlers from this era. I’m listening to Oliver Tremblay as I type–man, he was good!”

                                                                                                                        Paul Wells. Director Emeritus, Center for Popular Music,

“What a loving tribute to French American Fiddling and fiddlers in the region. Can’t wait to delve onto it, fiddle in hand.”

                                                                                                              Maggie Holtzberg, Folklorist, Massachusetts Cultural Council


Snappy Tunes

Most of the music in this collection was inspired by, and adapted from

the playing of New England French-Acadian fiddler, Tommy Doucet

(1902-1992) as learned from his vast collection of home-recorded 78’s, tapes

and manuscript books.

Snappy Tunes


The Ferrel Collection

325 original compositions for violin, flute, penny whistle, mandolin, concertina, etc

including Jigs, reels, hornpipes, strathspeys, clogs, waltzes, two-steps, etc

With forward by Dave Richardson

$20.00US +$4.00 S&H in the US

“The King of Jigs!” 

Patti Kusturok, Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Champion

“When I received the book, I went through almost all the tunes. I couldn’t stop because there is so much originality and colour in those Tunes.”      

Lawrence Cameron. Cape Breton Fiddler’s Association


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